"Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." John 8:32

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No Media Bias? - Part 2

A friend that knew I was into blogging gave me the September 26th issue of the New York Times Magazine. The cover and main story is about bloggers. The cover has Wonkette at a laptop with two old editors from the New York Times and Baltimore Sun looking over her shoulder, looking as if they are curious or puzzled by what she is writing. The story inside goes on and on about how bloggers have exploded onto the political scene but by omission gives the credit for the total rise in blogging popularity to the liberal bloggers, making them into rising personalities that have influence on public opinion. Lavish praises are heaped on Wonkette, Atrios, Kos, Joshua Micah Marshall and others for their work while almost elevating their "vision" to rock star status. Scanning the entire article shows no mention at all of conservative bloggers and how they pushed and broke the Dan Blather forged docs story. Good conservative blog sites outnumber liberal sites ten to one. Sites like Hugh Hewitt, Little Green Footballs, Belmont Club, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, Instapundit, and Viking Raider Blog, an up and coming site, are by far better written, more accurate and balanced than the liberal blogs ever are. Partisan? Of course, but as polls are showing, the conservative blogs reflect the opinions of the majority of people far better than the biting, whiny nature of the liberal bloggers. The liberal bloggers flip-flop their views on issues almost as often as Kerry himself does. The blasting that the likes of Kos and Atrios has taken over the Blather documents has left them holding an empty bag and hopes for a story that they incorrectly thought would crush Bush's candidacy.

The failed ideology of the left leaves the liberal bloggers without much of a foundation to engage in a civil discourse of the issues of the day. The New York Times Magazine article extolls the vitriolic poison that flows on the liberal bloggers pages. The personal attacks on the president and what is referred to conservative "wingnuts" ends up sounding like the shrill screams of a spoiled child needing discipline.

Why the New York Times Magazine failed to give equal time to conservative bloggers is no mystery. No media bias? Pathetic.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Is It Worth It?

A family of the church I attend had a picnic yesterday to honor their son that had just recently returned from an 18 month tour of duty in Iraq. He drove trucks for convoys going in and out of Baghdad. A very dangerous tour, to say the least. He saw a great deal that he has apparently not talked about yet, and we respect his privacy. Yesterday I did ask him one question: "Is it worth it?" He was thoughtful for a moment with a slight frown in his expression but then smiled and said, "Yes." I then asked him why. This young man is a husband and a father to a little boy not yet two years old. He has been through fire, pain and death that I can only imagine. He said that the Iraqis want us there but also want us to leave when we are done. He said the people know what life will be like if we just pull out and not finish the job. He saw the vast disparity between the rich and the poor in Iraq and believes we are making a difference in the lives of the people of Iraq. I thanked him for his service to our country and then watched him and his wife take their son for a stroll in the park.

Friday, September 24, 2004

No Media Bias?

People are perhaps waking up to the flagrant media bias towards the left. Go see a recent Gallup poll. While Rathergate and the unending attacks against the president have certainly spiked the trends recently, there is evidence over the last decade or so that people just don't trust MSM like they used to.

Those In The Know - Part 2

Iraq's PM Allawi gave a great speech yesterday before a joint session of Congress. Go read it here at Smash, The Indepundit.

Now go read what John Kerry had to say about Prime Minister Allawi. It's disgraceful. Kerry actually had the gall to call Allawi a liar. Shameful. Is there any doubt that Kerry would turn his back on Iraq if elected? Kerry does not believe that Iraqis are capable of governing themselves or molding their society to have a better life for their families. He thinks the UN, in all of it's oil-for-dollars wisdom, can do a better job in determining Iraq's future. What a typical failed and false liberal, socialist ideology! And John Kerry thinks he can use diplomacy to win countries over? Mr. Kerry, no WONDER you say foreign leaders want you to win the election. They would finally be able to totally manipulate and use our great country to their own ends.

Now go read Dick Cheney's response to John Kerry. Early in the campaign many of us worried that the attacks from the Kerry campaign, Soros and their 527's would go unchallenged. I'd say the Republicans are on top of their game now.

But beyond the politics, it's unforgivable that someone of Kerry's supposed stature would assail and label as a liar a prime minister of a fledgling country that is desperately struggling for democracy in the face of murderers that want to kill everyone that stands up to them. Of course Allawi wants to put the best face forward. It's called courage, Mr. Kerry. Iraq is very transparent to the world in terms of the violence that's happening there. Prime Minister Allawi is correct, the left and the media it controls and panders to will not let the world see the great things going on in most of Iraq. To do so would confirm what Prime Minister Allawi asserts, and that is Iraq is making progress everyday in strengthening it's ministries to serve the people of Iraq. To do so would also mean that George Bush and his policies are the correct policies to fight the global war on terror and is making our great country safer at home. Prime Minister Allawi deserves our support and thanks for risking his life to make Iraq a better place. He doesn't deserve being called a liar.

Lastly, a message to Prime Minister Allawi for recognizing and acknowledging the sacrifices our country is making in Iraq. You're welcome. Long live liberty. The blood of our fallen countrymen has bought freedom for Iraq.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Those In The Know

Why do we never hear the good things happening in Iraq? Iraq is as big as California with many cities but to listen to the media you would think murders, bombings and beheadings happened all the time in every corner of Iraq. Hugh has a great post today that contains two accounts of people who are actually THERE in Iraq. You must go see it. Even Iraqis and our military facing the potential of death recognize media bias and the MSM effort to influence the masses who have absolutely no idea the good things being done in the name of freedom. Yes, Iraq and others deserve freedom just as we do . We take our freedom for granted. The media apparently doesn't believe Iraq should be free.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Making Progress...


My link to Hugh Hewitt's site now works. I've been playing with the code and I am slowly learning. I also messed around with type sizes and color. Nothing crazy yet but I'm learning. Next will be side-bar stuff and a list to my favorite sites.

Speaking of linking to sites, I want to thank my new friend John over at Viking Raider Blog for listing my site on his. He, like me, has been questioning the CBS PDF file of the forged Bush TANG documents. There are some interesting nuances about the PDF files I've seen that no one has seemed to answer. John also has a great story on how, like me and many, many others, he made the transformation from accepting MSM as reliable and accurate to being totally disgusted with the reckless bias of Blather and company. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Newbie

Hmmmm.... My link to Hugh Hewitt's site did not work.

I am still learning how to link and do the things that bloggers routinely do. The best thng about bloggers is that they link to other sites as a way of checking and double checking facts. This has a way of creating thousands of instant editors around the planet that can instantly check and verify facts. Instead of the elite dispensing information that is "deemed" worthy, we pajama-clad, green lizardoid warriors lend our expertise where needed on any subject or news item out there (OT). Main stream media (MSM) can't fathom the death knoll that has sounded pertaining to their profession. Some are grasping it but most are clueless. I may not understand some aspects of how to blog yet but I learn from my mistakes. Blather and company along with MSM have yet to grasp that concept.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Plan? What Plan?

John Kerry seems to be all over the place these days with his rhetoric. Maybe its a reflection of his well known flip-flopping on all the issues. But it seems that he is desparately looking for a marketable phrase or catchy saying to grab the attention of people who couldn't seem to care less about him. The Kerry campaign seems so very desparate in their attacks on the President since almost all of the reputable polls show Bush with a growing lead. You hear Kerry proclaim that the "W" in George W. Bush stands for "WRONG!". You hear Kerry say "Bring it on!". You hear him flail about with all kinds of rhetoric that changes every day. The reason is that Kerry has no plan, true platform or direction that he would take our country other than turn tail and run from the global war on terror. His campaign reminds me of skirmishes of battle with no clear thought or battle plan other than to attack Bush. Kerry's campaign seems to be tactical but not strategic so he can't see the big picture. His campaign may win a few skirmishes but he has lost the war.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for the listing of this site. I am proud to be a progeny. Hugh has spawned a new generation of communication and editors that has now made its mark on the world. MSM never knew what hit them. Congratulations Hugh! Check his site out...lots of great information and links to a lot of great bloggers.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Arrogance of Dan Rather

Dan Blather is convinced he knows better than us "decent people":

"I think the public, even decent people who may be well-disposed toward President Bush, understand that powerful and extremely well-financed forces are concentrating on questions about the documents because they can’t deny the fundamental truth of the story," he said. "If you can’t deny the information, then attack and seek to destroy the credibility of the messenger, the bearer of the information. And in this case, it’s change the subject from the truth of the information to the truth of the documents." (Courtesy of the New York Observer.)

He is convinced that any search for the truth and authentication of the Guard documents is somehow controlled by "powerful and extremely well-financed forces". Paranoia? I WISH I was financed by a well-financed source. His assertions and proof of his story on 60 Minutes was based on those documents. If the documents are fake, so are his claims. Us "decent people" can grasp that concept, why can't he?

Blather was asked if he thought that the current scandal would tarnish his reputation, especially in the twilight of his career?

"I certainly care about it," he said. "To me, even people who aren’t inclined for one reason or another to like me know I’m a lifetime reporter trying to be independent and to report without fear or favor, to be an honest broker of information."

Independent? Honest broker? Blather is blinded by his ideolgy and his desire to influence this election.

Is CBS' Credibility Totally Gone?

CBS may be testifying before Congress ...again, about their attempt to influence an election...again. Congressman Cox of California has sent a letter to Congressman Fred Upton, Chair of the Subcommittee of Telecommunications and the Internet, of which Cox is a member. Here is part of the letter:

"Dear Chairman Upton:

This is a request that you commence a Subcommittee investigation into the continued use by CBS News of apparently forged documents concerning the service record of President George W. Bush intended to unfairly damage his reputation and influence the outcome of the 2004 presidential election.

In February 2001, the Energy & Commerce Committee held hearings calling the television networks to account for irresponsibly (and inaccurately) calling the outcome of the presidential election in Florida before the polls had closed. At those hearings, CBS News vowed that the competitive drive to get the story first would be subordinated to 'making sure we are correct,' given that the stakes --the outcome of the presidential election-- were so high....

Despite the growing abundance of the evidence that CBS News has aided and abetted fraud, the network has declined to reveal the source of the disputed documents. USA Today possesses the same documents, obtained independently from a person representing them to be authentic, and likewise is refusing to disclose his identity.

Given the shortness of time between now and the election which the apparent fraud is meant to influence, and the even shorter time before Congress is scheduled to adjourn, I strongly urge that the Subcommittee move with all deliberate speed to uncover the facts.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter within the Subcommittee's jurisdiction.

Christopher Cox
U.S. Representative"

Didn't CBS vow in 2001 that the competitive drive to get the story first would be subordinated to 'making sure we are correct'? In February 2001, the Energy & Commerce Committee held hearings calling the television networks to account for irresponsibly (and inaccurately) calling the outcome of the presidential election in Florida before the polls had closed. How quickly CBS has forgotten that vow!

With the overwhelming evidence that CBS News has aided and abetted fraud, when do the stockholders of CBS stand up and say, "Enough is enough"? Liberal media is trying to stand up for Blather & company and claim that there is ample evidence that Bush skirted his Guard duties, while downplaying the significance of the forged documents used to prop up the claims. Liberals don't really seem to care that someone tried to forge documents to influence an election. Shameful.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dan Rather's New Clothes

Some people are already trying to downplay and ignore the significance of what Dan Blather and his cronies at CBS did and are still doing in regard to the forged Guard documents. I am hearing these statements a lot: "What's the big deal?" "It's not Dan's fault that his staffers dropped the ball!" "There was nothing intentional about what Dan did!" Pathetic. It's bad enough when MSM is so biased it tries to influence an election. It's quite another when a someone who is as influential as Blather somehow comes up with forged documents to authenticate and support his assertions that Bush somehow avoided his responsibilities to serve the country. The document issue may seem small but it actually is the crux of what this election is all about. Liberals can no longer count on the media to help prop up a failed ideology that panders to our countries enemies. When the media falsifies and lies about documents to further an agenda, they have become, in essence, a political party. Blather's shamefull denial of wrongdoing and arrogant statements questioning the right of people to demand the truth goes against everything the media is supposed to stand for. Blather is worse than the emperor. At least the emperor was convinced he had clothes on. Blather knows what he's doing and he didn't count on the average guy seeing right through him.

Monday, September 13, 2004

It's In The Details

Here is a site by Dr. Joseph M. Newcomer. It may seem imposing but I consider him to be one of the best experts available when it comes to the analysis of the forged documents Dan Blather used to to back up his charges against the president.

Thanks, once again, to Charles at Little Green Footballs for helping to push the truth out there.

Once again, the reason this minutiae is important is because bloggers can track down facts better than MSM and their "experts" and beat them at their own game. From the fine points that may not seem to matter to great overall perspective, the average person now has a voice.

Rather Is An Idiot!

Welcome to the Rumes of BOZ. I am a concerned conservative that has observed the growing influence of the blogosphere in reflecting public opinion and allowing the “common man” to finally have a voice against the media bias in our great country. I’m not sure where this will go but I have a few thoughts to share. Feel free to add your comments.

My first job as a teenager was in an inplant print shop. I had to create pasteup art and I had to typeset copy using an IBM Composer. Having been in the typesetting, printing, and graphic arts business for 35 years, I can assure you that the documents that Dan Rather and CBS used to vilify President Bush's guard service that look like they were typed in Word ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT FROM THE 70's. I did the exact same thing that Charles at Little Green Footballs did using Word and achieved the same results. If you didn't buy galley sheet type created with hot lead LinoType machines you used clunky mechanical typesetting equipment in the early 70's (IBM Selectrics and Composers). IBM Composers could force justify but did not have curved quotation marks or apostrophes on the IBM type balls and were awkward and time consuming to use. The media lamely attempts to say the Composer had proportional font spacing. Not really, the spacing was better than non-proportional spacing but far cruder than what computers do more precisely today. You could not accurately kern letters on the Composer. The Composers were also very expensive and not used as a casual correspondence typewriter. I would be extremely skeptical of anyone who claimed that the government provided Composers to any Guard unit just to type correspondence and memos. You typed on clay coat paper and used it as galley type for paste-up. You had to double type and use a manual dial system for spacing and kerning. Inch and footmarks had to do double duty. VERY expensive code-driven, proprietary equipment started coming on the scene in the late 70's that allowed you to do the proportional spacing and create superscripts more easily. However, this equipment (Itek, Addressograph/Multigraph, Compugraphic, etc.) was output to some kind of photographic paper or film output (because of the high resolution needed to make good type) and was NEVER used as a casual stand-alone word processor or typewriter for memos and correspondence. They were used to produce type to be printed. They were never coupled with a plain paper output device. Even with code-driven typesetters you still had to do a lot of manual work to get even close to what Word blindly does on a simple computer. Commercial typewriters DID NOT use proportional spacing and superscripts, especially those that would have been bought in bulk for the military. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Fonts can still be a tricky thing to use even today on Macs or PC's with Quark and Illustrator. There are so many versions of fonts and in the graphics business you have to be careful of reflow of type. To think Charles simply whipped out his version in no time at all! On default settings no less! When you add up all the specifics that others in the business have pointed out (superscripts, proportional spacing, kerning, Times New Roman, the "4" seemingly is unique to Times New Roman, auto-centering, etc., etc., etc.) Those of us in the business do not need a document expert to determine that Democrats and liberals are desperate enough to forge this stuff and then even blame the Republicans for setting the whole thing up. Rather is such a buffoon... Once again, the new media helps bring out the truth. A lot of credit goes to Charles at LGF for visually demonstrating what thousands of people in the graphic arts business know to be true.