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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Newbie

Hmmmm.... My link to Hugh Hewitt's site did not work.

I am still learning how to link and do the things that bloggers routinely do. The best thng about bloggers is that they link to other sites as a way of checking and double checking facts. This has a way of creating thousands of instant editors around the planet that can instantly check and verify facts. Instead of the elite dispensing information that is "deemed" worthy, we pajama-clad, green lizardoid warriors lend our expertise where needed on any subject or news item out there (OT). Main stream media (MSM) can't fathom the death knoll that has sounded pertaining to their profession. Some are grasping it but most are clueless. I may not understand some aspects of how to blog yet but I learn from my mistakes. Blather and company along with MSM have yet to grasp that concept.


Blogger zorp said...

That's wierd,

I tried to post and it made me sign up for a blogspot account or post as anonymous. I backed out to this window, and it gave me my username.

I liked Dan Blathers New Clothes.


11:33 PM  

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