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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Obama Meltdown

President Obama and the Democratic Congress are in serious trouble with voters if the polls are accurate. Obama's big socialist government approach to handling domestic and foreign policy as well as the liberal bills being passed by the Pelosi/Reid Congress are bearing the fruit of the progressives and liberals agendas. People have finally realized that socialism and big government DOES NOT WORK!

The polling numbers suggest the same scenario in this year's mid-term elections that happened in 1994 where Republicans surged to take over Congress. My prediction is the Democrats will lose control of the House but barely hold on to the Senate with a two or four seat advantage. In other words, total gridlock until 2012.

Nile Gardiner of the Telegraph has an excellent blog post of the 10 key reasons why the Obama Presidency is in meltdown. I think Nile hit the nail on the head.


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