"Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." John 8:32

Friday, September 24, 2004

Those In The Know - Part 2

Iraq's PM Allawi gave a great speech yesterday before a joint session of Congress. Go read it here at Smash, The Indepundit.

Now go read what John Kerry had to say about Prime Minister Allawi. It's disgraceful. Kerry actually had the gall to call Allawi a liar. Shameful. Is there any doubt that Kerry would turn his back on Iraq if elected? Kerry does not believe that Iraqis are capable of governing themselves or molding their society to have a better life for their families. He thinks the UN, in all of it's oil-for-dollars wisdom, can do a better job in determining Iraq's future. What a typical failed and false liberal, socialist ideology! And John Kerry thinks he can use diplomacy to win countries over? Mr. Kerry, no WONDER you say foreign leaders want you to win the election. They would finally be able to totally manipulate and use our great country to their own ends.

Now go read Dick Cheney's response to John Kerry. Early in the campaign many of us worried that the attacks from the Kerry campaign, Soros and their 527's would go unchallenged. I'd say the Republicans are on top of their game now.

But beyond the politics, it's unforgivable that someone of Kerry's supposed stature would assail and label as a liar a prime minister of a fledgling country that is desperately struggling for democracy in the face of murderers that want to kill everyone that stands up to them. Of course Allawi wants to put the best face forward. It's called courage, Mr. Kerry. Iraq is very transparent to the world in terms of the violence that's happening there. Prime Minister Allawi is correct, the left and the media it controls and panders to will not let the world see the great things going on in most of Iraq. To do so would confirm what Prime Minister Allawi asserts, and that is Iraq is making progress everyday in strengthening it's ministries to serve the people of Iraq. To do so would also mean that George Bush and his policies are the correct policies to fight the global war on terror and is making our great country safer at home. Prime Minister Allawi deserves our support and thanks for risking his life to make Iraq a better place. He doesn't deserve being called a liar.

Lastly, a message to Prime Minister Allawi for recognizing and acknowledging the sacrifices our country is making in Iraq. You're welcome. Long live liberty. The blood of our fallen countrymen has bought freedom for Iraq.


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