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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No Media Bias? - Part 2

A friend that knew I was into blogging gave me the September 26th issue of the New York Times Magazine. The cover and main story is about bloggers. The cover has Wonkette at a laptop with two old editors from the New York Times and Baltimore Sun looking over her shoulder, looking as if they are curious or puzzled by what she is writing. The story inside goes on and on about how bloggers have exploded onto the political scene but by omission gives the credit for the total rise in blogging popularity to the liberal bloggers, making them into rising personalities that have influence on public opinion. Lavish praises are heaped on Wonkette, Atrios, Kos, Joshua Micah Marshall and others for their work while almost elevating their "vision" to rock star status. Scanning the entire article shows no mention at all of conservative bloggers and how they pushed and broke the Dan Blather forged docs story. Good conservative blog sites outnumber liberal sites ten to one. Sites like Hugh Hewitt, Little Green Footballs, Belmont Club, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, Instapundit, and Viking Raider Blog, an up and coming site, are by far better written, more accurate and balanced than the liberal blogs ever are. Partisan? Of course, but as polls are showing, the conservative blogs reflect the opinions of the majority of people far better than the biting, whiny nature of the liberal bloggers. The liberal bloggers flip-flop their views on issues almost as often as Kerry himself does. The blasting that the likes of Kos and Atrios has taken over the Blather documents has left them holding an empty bag and hopes for a story that they incorrectly thought would crush Bush's candidacy.

The failed ideology of the left leaves the liberal bloggers without much of a foundation to engage in a civil discourse of the issues of the day. The New York Times Magazine article extolls the vitriolic poison that flows on the liberal bloggers pages. The personal attacks on the president and what is referred to conservative "wingnuts" ends up sounding like the shrill screams of a spoiled child needing discipline.

Why the New York Times Magazine failed to give equal time to conservative bloggers is no mystery. No media bias? Pathetic.


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