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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama is a Liar & a Hypocrite

President Obama is a liar and a hypocrite of the political kind. He has ALWAYS said he is against freezing the federal budget. His statements in the presidential debates about budget freezes prove it he is a liar. Now, he says we need a freeze. Want evidence Obama is a liar? Politico has provided a nice little clip showing Obama's statements in the presidential debates about federal budget freezes.

Obama has not, all of a sudden, seen the light of financial responsibility. I am convinced Obama is proposing a freeze now to try to throw a bone to independents who have turned suddenly and wholesale against him and his socialist policies. They have finally seen him for what he is, a full-fledged socialist. Ironically, the political winds have turned badly against him and his socialist agenda. Brown and Massachusetts' voters have said "Enough is enough!" Obama and his socialist elitists, for some reason, think they know better how to spend people's hard earned money. Pay attention to what Obama said in the debates about making sure we all "share" the burden.

The assault on liberty and freedom by Obama and his socialist elites is astounding. But I am encouraged to see the election results of even the bastions of progressive elitism repudiating Obama and his ilk. "Enough is enough!" Thank you Massachusetts for restoring my hope in the Constitution and the protection of liberty and freedom.

As more and more people of all parties, particularly the independents who are not tied to any party, see the hypocrisy and lies of Obama and his socialist elites, some sense of sanity and responsibility will be restored to Washington. I am looking forward to this year's elections.


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