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Friday, August 25, 2006

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You


Being in the graphic arts business, I know what it takes to do good Photoshop work. This poster is excellent. Go see it posted by Charles at lgf. The author apparently isn't known yet. The bloggers are the best at exposing the fauxtography of Hizbollywood, Al-Reuters and AP. Many thanks to Charles and the so-far anonymous artist. Go there and see what the artist says about his work. A great ironic laugh on a fine Friday afternoon among the lizardoid minions of the pajamamahadeen.

Kinda reminds me of Jawa's All Your Fakes Are Belong To Us.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dangers of Islam - Lesson 3

009.29: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

CAIR - A Fifth Column?

We've all been hearing a lot about CAIR lately, the Council on American-Islamic Relations headquartered in Washington. Daniel Pipes wrote a great piece this past spring in the Middle East Quarterly about CAIR, breaking it down in great detail. Follow all the links that Daniel provides and you will be amazed at the depth to which CAIR has gone to mask itself as a "civil rights watch group". Since CAIR masks itself this way, the left and MSM has taken the bait hook, line and sinker. Shameful.

You won't see this in MSM reports . . . .

Ghassan Elashi, the founder of CAIR's Texas chapter, has a long history of funding terrorism. First, he was convicted in July 2004, with his four brothers, of having illegally shipped computers from their Dallas-area business, InfoCom Corporation, to two designated state-sponsors of terrorism, Libya and Syria.[29] Second, he and two brothers were convicted in April 2005 of knowingly doing business with Mousa Abu Marzook, a senior Hamas leader, whom the U.S. State Department had in 1995 declared a "specially designated terrorist." Elashi was convicted of all twenty-one counts with which he was charged, including conspiracy, money laundering, and dealing in the property of a designated terrorist.[30] Third, he was charged in July 2004 with providing more than $12.4 million to Hamas while he was running the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, America's largest Islamic charity.[31] When the U.S. government shuttered Holy Land Foundation in late 2001, CAIR characterized this move as "unjust" and "disturbing."[32]
. . . . or this.

CAIR has a number of links to the terror organization Hamas, starting with the founder of its Texas chapter, Ghassan Elashi, as noted above.

Secondly, Elashi and another CAIR founder, Omar Ahmad, attended a key meeting in Philadelphia in 1993. An FBI memo characterizes this meeting as a planning session for Hamas, Holy Land Foundation, and Islamic Association of Palestine to find ways to disrupt Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy and raise money for Hamas in the United States.[44] The Philadelphia meeting was deemed such strong proof of Islamic Association of Palestine's relation to Hamas that a federal judge in Chicago in December 2004 ruled the Islamic Association of Palestine partially liable for US$156 million in damages (along with the Holy Land Foundation and Mohammad Salah, a Hamas operative)[45] for having aided and abetted the Hamas murder of David Boim, an American citizen.[46]

Third, CAIR's founding personnel were closely linked to the Islamic Association of Palestine, which was founded by Ibrahim Abu Marzook, a senior Hamas operative and husband of Elashi's cousin; according to Epstein, the Islamic Association of Palestine functions as Hamas's public relations and recruitment arm in the United States.[47] The two individuals who established CAIR, Ahmad and Nihad Awad, had been, respectively, the president and public relations director of the Islamic Association of Palestine. Hooper, CAIR's director of communications, had been an employee of the Islamic Association of Palestine.[48] Rafeeq Jabar, president of the Islamic Association of Palestine, was a founding director of CAIR.

Fourth, the Holy Land Foundation, which the U.S. government has charged with funneling funds to Hamas, provided CAIR with some of its start-up funding in 1994. (See $5,000 money transfer, figure 1.) In the other direction, according to Joe Kaufman, CAIR sent potential donors to the Holy Land Foundation's website when they clicked on their post-September 11 weblink, "Donate to the NY/DC Disaster Relief Fund."[49]

Fifth, Awad publicly declared his enthusiasm for Hamas at Barry University in Florida in 1994: "I'm in support of Hamas movement more than the PLO." As an attorney pointed out in the course of deposing Awad for the Boim case, Awad both supported Hamas and acknowledged an awareness of its involvement in violence.[50]

Go read it all. CAIR is not a civil rights group at all. It's a fifth column for Islamic fascists.

All Your Fakes Are Belong To Us


Check out this hilarious parody of Hizbollywood and the MSM by The Jawa Report. Do you think AP and Al-Reuters truly understand how stupid they and the rest of MSM look by being taken in and spanked by the minions of Islam?

Jawa Strikes Again!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Legacy of Jimmy Carter II


You can almost hear the anguish of the left. They must be cringing over the announcement by Judicial Watch that U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who last week handed down the ruling declaring the NSA's intelligence gathering program illegal, should have recused herself from the NSA case due to possible conflict of interest. Apparently, the judge serves as a trustee and secretary on the board for the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan (CFSEM). This foundation made a “recent grant” of $45,000 over two years to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan, a plaintiff in the wiretapping case. Judge Diggs Taylor sided with the ACLU of Michigan in her recent decision.


Go read it here.

We can thank Jimmy Carter for the appointment of Judge Diggs. Shameful.

Hat tip: AllahPundit

A Fable? or Dante's Nightmare?

Wretched must have had a bad day or night when he posted a comment on his site, The Belmont Club. He had posted an excellant piece called "The Usual Subjects". Then he came back later and posted this comment, or as he calls it, a fable.

Let me tell a fable. It is precisely two days after nuclear weapons have destroyed New York, London and Sydney. And it is 24 hours after the President of the United States, after consulting with the Prime Ministers of Britain and Australia, has ordered a ten thousand warhead strike on the entire Muslim world, followed a second strike using tailored biological weapons.

At that very moment a famous Washington law firm calls the White House with an important message. An attorney for Osama Bin Laden has been instructed to deliver a video tape to the media upon the event of his death, which now appears certain. The entire situation room staff turns on the television and watches the familiar face, greyer and more lined, deliver a prepared speech in curiously triumphant tones.

"Brothers," he begins. "If you are listening to this then I am already dead and what was formerly known as the Muslim world has been entirely destroyed. I had forseen this response when I put into motion the plan to use our only three atomic weapons."

"Only three?" he continued. "Three was all we could afford. Yet with these few devices we had to ensure not only the destruction of your infidel civilization but the perpetual triumph of the uncorrupted and essential Islam". Looking directly at the camera Osama continued. "You have killed more than a billion people. Some of them were fighters. But most of them were children. Up until your magnificent thermonuclear warheads blossomed above their heads they were going to the market, laughing at their silly entertainments, playing games in fields. And you killed them. Killed them in a moment of fear; a moment which became inevitable because you were not men enough to fight Jihadis with your hands; and who therefore you destroyed with your unearthly weapons."

"Never again can such a people as you enter your churches, recite your prayers, read your literature, or pretend to nobility without knowing that it is all a lie. And the more you pray to your Jesus, to your Buddha, to your Yahweh the more hypocritical you will feel, until you give it up altogether. No, that door is closed to your forever by your own fear, cowardice and evil. The first of my goals, which is the destruction of your infidel civilization at its roots, I have already accomplished."

"And you, my brothers, for I may you call you that, are now my true spiritual heirs. More magnificent than those illiterate fighters I gathered in Afghanistan, who knew nothing of science and technology. And yet as evil -- now -- as any of my pupils have ever been. I have shown you your true selves. I have gathered you to my fold. Your are the new Ummah and you know it. Come to prayer. Come to Islam."

Religion of Peace?

The failed ideology of the left and MSM would have everyone believe that Islam has legitimate grievances against the West that stem from all the way back to the crusades. They would also have us believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Ever looked at a timeline of what led up to the Crusades? Could it be that the so-called "religion of peace" (RoP) was and is nothing about peace? James Arlandson at the American Thinker has a great post about the timeline of Islam from about 630 AD until the first crusade in 1095, 465 years later. Go read it. Christianity left it's calling by God to fight in wars of men but when faced with the threat of death or convert to Islam, political powers are going to rise up to meet the threat.

Rather humorous in some respects, don't you think? History repeats itself. Jesus said His followers would be led as sheep to be slaughtered. Islam is happy to make that happen.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The March of Islam

Here's a great commentary by Dean Barnett over at Hugh Hewitt's blog about Islam and how it's on the march. Dean compares to to looking at the "abyss".

And even the NYT discusses Islamism. Here's a surprisingly frank article about the march of Islam by the New York Times. I wonder what the NYT compares the march of Islam to?

I, A Muslim

Have you seen the controversial film, "I, A Muslim"? The controversial Czech TV documentary “I, A Muslim,” in which a reporter used a hidden camera to record inside mosques, has been posted (with English subtitles) at Google Video by lgf reader “Abu Kafir". Go see it. Chilling. Skewed a little and somewhat melodramatic, but the fact remains that the Koran itself supports what the producers tried to show and what Muslim leaders say is distorted.

Hat tip to Charles at lgf.

Islamonazis Beware!

Like a little satire with your latte? World lookin' a bit bleak when it can't laugh at itself? Check out the no-holds barred rantings at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. You will either have sore ribs from laffin yourself silly or a burning need to go buy a new monitor due to expressing your anger at your old one.

Oh, it also has some great commentary and links to news you won't gind in MSM.

Friday, August 18, 2006

"Tribute 2,996 Project"

I have been surfing blogs about 9/11 recently as I am wont to do to remind myself of one the reasons I got into blogging. I came across a blog yesterday that was devoting a large amount of time to a worthwhile effort. This effort is called "Tribute 2,996 Project". This blogger has a goal of honoring and memorializing the life of each person that killed on 9/11. Not to recount the events of that fateful day but to remember each and every one of those loved ones that died. One victim, one blogger. A blog post needs to be written and posted on September 11, 2006, this being the fifth anniversary of the day that will live forever in the hearts and minds of this generation of Americans. A blogger that signs up will be assigned someone to blog about; their life, their love, their joy.

I signed up and was given the name of Luke Nee. With just a little research on Luke I have discovered just how much his life is missed among his loved ones, family and friends. And Luke is just one among 2,996. It's already kind of emotional for me because I or someone in my family or circle of friends could have been Luke. Reading about Luke with the intent to write about him puts a personal face on my own emotional experiences and memories of that awful day.

As of yesterday, the project had almost 2,000 bloggers signed up. There's not much time left for the rest of the 2,996 precious Americans to be honored and remembered through the project. If you are a blogger, take time to help with "Tribute 2,996 Project". Go sign up. You'll be glad you did.

The Legacy of Jimmy Carter

The left is rejoicing, of course, over the decision U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor handed down about the NSA's intelligence gathering program. Our enemies are, too. We can thank Jimmy Carter for the appointment of Judge Diggs. Shameful.

Our ol' friends at CAIR were part of this along with the ACLU. Birds of a feather. . . . Do you see the strategy of "hudna" I've talked about?

Hat tip to Cox & Forkum for a great image. Go read what they have to say about it.

Power Line breaks it down as well.

This is why we as a nation cannot afford to have Democrats in the White House or running the Senate. We then get absurd decisions made by absurd judges appointed by absurd presidents that will get us killed. You cannot depend on Democtrats to defend our national security. They defend the likes of CAIR and the ACLU.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Hudna & The Integrity of Islam

Know what a hudna is? It is a term used to describe a principle whereby you enter into a treaty of peace with an enemy for the purpose of gaining time and strength. When you are then strong enough to vanquish your enemy, you find a pretext to set aside the treaty. It is, at best, a clever tactic to gain a reprieve while you prepare for inevitable action. It is, at worst, a doctrine of pure deception that is full of deception and guile.

An article by Daniel Pipes called "[Al-Hudaybiya and] Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad's Diplomacy", appeared in the Middle East Quarterly of September 1999. It described the story of how Mohammed used the principle of hudna to conquer Mecca. Read the whole thing here.

The sources tell of tensions between Muhammad and the grandees of the Quraysh tribe who controlled Mecca, his home city. The Quraysh leaders viewed the upstart prophet as a direct threat to their interests for his monotheistic message undermined Mecca's status as a pilgrimage destination for followers of the polytheistic Arabian religions. Tensions between Quraysh and the nascent Muslim community eventually forced Muhammad to flee the city in 622 c.e., when he found refuge in Medina, a town to the north of Mecca. By 628, Muhammad had built enough strength in Medina to challenge the Quraysh and possibly to vanquish them and take their city; instead, he reached an agreement with them. Named the Treaty of Hudaybiya after the town where it was signed, this pact disappointed many of the Muslims, who were spoiling for a fight. The treaty held that the two sides agreed to remove war from the people for ten years. During this time the people are to be security and no one is to lay hands on another. . . . Between us evil is to be abstained from, and there is to be no raiding or spoilation.

In the twenty-two months after signing the treaty, Muhammad significantly built up his power base. He made new conquests and formed alliances with powerful tribes, in particular with the Bani Khuza`a. As a result, by 630, he was considerably stronger vis-Ã -vis Quraysh than at the time of the signing. Quraysh did less well in terms of making new alliances, but it did ally with another strong tribe, the Bani Bakr.

Now, the Bani Khuza`a and the Bani Bakr lived near each other and had a long history of feuding-and feuding in Arabia, as in Appalachia, was passed on from generation to generation. In December 629, some of the Bani Bakr, possibly with Quraysh help, took vengeance on a party of the Bani Khuza`a, killing several of the latter. On hearing this news, Muhammad instantly opted for the most drastic response - to attack Mecca. It appears that he had decided the time had come to challenge the ultimate power base of Quraysh in their home city.

In response, Quraysh sent a delegation to Muhammad, petitioning him to maintain the treaty, and offering (as was the Arabian fashion) material compensation for the lives of the dead men. Muhammad, however, had no interest in a compromise and rejected all Quraysh entreaties. In an act of desperation, Abu Sufyan, leader of the Quraysh delegation, went to the mosque in Medina and proclaimed, "O people, I guarantee protection for all!" To this, Muhammad dryly replied, "You say this, O Abu Sufyan, not any one of us."

Muhammad had already made quiet preparations for an assault on Quraysh. This meant once the desultory negotiations ended, he was ready in short order to advance with a huge force on Mecca. So impressive was his army that the Meccans made no effort to resist it. Instead, they surrendered their city without a fight in January 630. And so ended the Hudaybiya incident.
The problem is that anyone that tries to enter into a treaty with an Islamic country must view the intentions of that country with suspiscion. In 1994, Arafat was overheard to say something about a treaty he had made with Israel. Criticized by Arabs and Muslims for having made concessions to Israel, he defended his actions by comparing them to those of the Prophet Mohammed under the same circumstances.

I see this agreement as being no more than the agreement signed between our Prophet Mohammead and the Quraysh in Mecca.
Arafat continued in his comparison, recalling how Muhammad was also criticized for his diplomacy by one of his future caliphs, `Umar ibn al-Khattab, Mohammed had been right to insist on the agreement, for it helped Mohammed defeat the Quraysh and conquer the city of Mecca.

In a similar spirit, we now accept the peace agreement, but [only in order] to continue on the road to Jerusalem.


How can anyone know and trust Islam's true intentions? In the years after he first alluded to Mohammed and the Quraysh, Arafat frequently mentioned Mohammed's hudna as a model for his own diplomacy. This raises many serious questions about the integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness of Islam when it comes to treaties and agreements between Islamic countries and the West.

This brings us to UN Resolution 1701 and it's implementation. All parties concerned have already indicated that they will not disarm Hizbollywood. Hezbollah will remain in Lebanon and have now gained the reprieve of the hudna. They have also won the war of world opinion through the MSM and manipulations of the Left. Who wins here? Israel or Islam? A hudna allows Hizbollywood to fight another day when it feels expedient to set aside 1701. Iran and Syria can resupply Hizbollywood with even better weapons while Hizbollywood implements the lessons and tactics learned in battles against Israel's IDF.

Haaretz today has an article today describing the hudna in effect.

A compromise agreement now being hammered out between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government would allow the Shi'ite guerillas to keep hidden weapons in south Lebanon, the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Tuesday.

While Hezbollah would need to keep the weapons it possesses south of the Litani River hidden, an agreement for areas north of the river would be "left to a long term solution," the paper reported.

If the proposed compromise is accepted Tuesday by the Lebanese government, it would violate the terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 ending the war in Lebanon. The resolution rules that the Lebanese army and UNIFIL may be the only armed forces in the territory between the Litani River south to the Israeli border.

This compromise is also a violation of the "one weapon" principle that appears in Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's Seven Points Plan.
No pretense here, no hint of Lebanon or Hizbollywood even trying to abide by UN 1701. At least Mohammed waited a while before setting aside his agreement.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The BBC and Al-Reuters are Cousins

Drinking From Home posts a great report on how the BBC is in the same bed as Al-Reuters. Orla Guerin of the BBC gives an incredibly biased report from Bint Jbeil, the scene of an intense battle in the center of the town between Hizbollywood and the IDF. Orla makes things apear as if the entire town is totally destroyed. The evidence clearly shows otherwise. Another reporter on the very same street shows how the suburbs are largely untouched. Unbelievable bias from the Left. Go read it. Al-Reuters must be proud of the BBC.

Birds of a feather. . . .

The Left's Definition of Peace

As always, Wretched of Belmont Club gives great in-depth analysis of what the Left means by "peace". Read it here.

I love this excerpt.
. . .Nothing about these juxtapositions would be in the least big surprising if pacifism were properly understood not in the dictionary meaning but simply as the term given to a particular political agenda which these individuals have doggedly and ably pursued. After all, we know how to interpret some terms. Everyone understands that the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" is neither democratic, nor republic nor responsive to it's people. It's simply the conventional and recognized name for the poverty-stricken, brutal and repressive personal fiefdom of Kim Jong Il. Peace is the same thing.

Once these facts are clear subsequent discussions can proceed without misunderstanding. Like experienced consumers we will have learned to read the labels on the packaging and achieved a certain level of "sophistication" the exact opposite of which is the "naïveté" that Americans, especially from the Midwest, are said to be incorrigibly afflicted and for which they are roundly reviled. Of course, sophistication is another one of those words which in this context doesn't mean what it's supposed to -- "knowledgeable" or even "complex" -- it simply means the ability to engage in double-talk and coded conversation with the intent to deceive and get paid well into the bargain. I leave you with one final word: humanitarian. Learn it well.

As usual, Wretched brings it home.

Questions for Ahmadinejad

Chris Bushnell, a reader at Power Line, wrote these questions that "Mike Wallace forgot to ask":
Do you believe in the return of the Hidden Imam, and what does his return mean for the world?

Would Osama Bin Laden be a welcome guest in your country?

Should Muslims living in Western nations be allowed to apply sharia law within their communities, or must they follow the laws of their country?

Do you believe that western countries in regions once occupied by Muslims, Spain for example, should be returned to "the House of Islam"?

You say you love all people. What would your reaction be if one of your daughters married a Jew?

What would be the proper punishment for anyone who drew a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed?

Are Sunni Muslims pure Muslims or do they practise a bastardized version of Islam?

Will the United States of America exist in 10 years time?
The one question Scott at Power Line wishes Wallace would have seen fit to ask, once Wallace was done with his vomit-inducing fawning and prostration before Ahmadinejad:
Do you think that the United States has a legitimate bone to pick with you in connection with your leadership of the student group that took 66 Americans hostage in the American embassy in Tehran in 1979?

Hilarious . . . . Kudos to Power Line.

AP Strikes Again!

Photo by BOZ

This is the cabin my wife and I rented last February in Pigeon Forge, TN. Beautiful, isn't it? It was a perfect day....

Photo by AP

ARRRGGGHHH!!! This is the same cabin the next day photographed by AP! You would think AP would at least use Photoshop better than Hizbollywood does! At least it takes an expert like Charles and the lizardoids at lgf to expose people like Al-Reuters in their phony propoganda efforts.

Errrrrr.... wait.... this is just the foot of snow we got the day after we arrived. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Seriously, congratulations, Charles, on once again exposing the biased MSM. You and the lizardoid minions keep the darkness at bay.

Monday, August 14, 2006

United Nations Resolution 1701

Hizbollywood vs. Israel

And the winner is . . . . . . . . .


What a travesty. I agree with Netanyahu.

War is coming.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Iran - The Nuclear Storm Continues to Gather X

Iran finally admitted what the world knew along. They have have been supplying longer-range missles to Hizbollah. Of course they have. They have lied and lied about their actions and will continue to lie. But according to Islam and the Koran, that's OK when you are dealing with enemies.

Go read about it here.

War is coming. Are you ready?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Iran - The Nuclear Storm Continues to Gather IX

The Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has spoken out loud and clear about Israel and it's operation in Lebanon and he ties America to Israel. Read the whole thing here.

How long should the Islamic world tolerate existence of the scheming and evil Zionist regime? How long should the Islamic government allow aggressive and arrogant America to have a free hand in this sensitive part of the world?
We watch and wait at our peril. When Iran has it's nuke and a way to deliver it, they WILL use it.

War is coming.