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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Libs Are In Control

What can you say? Sad day for the country but the majority of those that went to the polls have spoken. The Republicans deserved to lose. MSM and Islamic fascists everywhere are celebrating. How long will it be before we desert the poor people of Iraq? Will our country now go through a period of shame towards our military much as we did after Vietnam? Will the Dems allow any more conservative judges to be put on the bench? How high will our taxes go and how soon will the tax cuts be repealed? How long will it be before an emboldened Iran tests a nuke? Will North Korea now be stubborn enough to hold out for concessions? Make no mistake about it, our enemies everywhere see last night's vote as a sign of weakness. We want to cut and run and will not long suffer a strong president that stands up to evil. How soon will our next 9/11 happen? We get what we vote for.

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