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Monday, October 09, 2006

Clinton's Legacy

Hey Willie! How does it feel to know that your so-called historic pact with North Korea allowed them time to continue to develop a nuke? You and Madame Notsobright did a bang up job in getting ol' Kimmy boy to drop his radioactive dancing ambitions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has Mr. Bush has done to thwart North Korea's nuclear ambitions?

(Hmmm. Let me think? Take out a dictator who was already contained and send the country into chaos?)

Why didn't he overrun North Korea and not Iraq? North Korea seems like more of a threat than Iraq ever was.

10:31 PM  
Blogger B0Z said...

LOL! You miss the big picture here. PRESIDENT Bush gets hammered when he doesn't work with other nations to solve problems and then gets no credit when he DOES work with other nation over North Korea. PRESIDENT Bush knows that the Chinese have greater influence on the Koreans and agreed to the six nations dialogue. North Korea is a threat but not as large of a threat as Iran. China is very interested in helping to contain North Korea since the situation directly affects China's growing economy. PRESIDENT Bush knows this and is taking advantage of the Chinese desire to intervene.

As far as Saddam being contained, that just doesn't match up with the facts. The UN was very close to lifting sanctions because of the oil for money and influence ....errrr.... food scandal. Saddam was biding his time and was not contained. He actually had plans to reinstate his weapons programs as soon as the sanctions were lifted. Tactically, we have have sometimes not done well in addressing the problems post-invasion in Iraq. What country would have done a better job? France? LOLOLOLOLOL!!! It certainly hasn't helped that liberals and main stream media have hammered the PRESIDENT over and over and mischaracterized the situation as all doom and gloom when in fact great progress has been made. The liberals' rhetoric has played well with Islamic extremists. Sometimes you can't tell who's speaking, the liberals or the Islamic extremists. They all seem to say the same thing.

Strategically, however, the move into Iraq will be seen in the future as absolutely brilliant because it has now allowed us to work with and in other countries to set up bases and forward areas in the ever increasing likelihood of a confrontation with Iran. Oh... you DO believe that a nuclear capable Iran is not a good thing, don't you? With the ever growing ideology battle between Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia and Shia Islam in Iram, the power for control of the region is on a collision course and the United States is now strategically positioned to countered that power struggle. You must be short sighted if you think Iran will not flex it's muscles in the region once it has nuclear capabilities. I KNOW you are patriotic enough to understand the consequences of a nuclear capable Iran along with an Iraq controlled by Saddam. We would have been facing both countries. So strategically speaking, PRESIDENT Bush is absolutely brilliant while President Clinton left a legacy that liberal Democrats can be proud of... appeasement and non-action.

8:48 PM  

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