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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dante's Nuclear Nightmares

Well, well, well. Are the nightmare scenarios of science fiction and doomsayers almost here? I don't think so but the pressure in world politics has certainly been ratcheted up a little. With North Korea's announcement of a successful underground nuclear test (and so far the evidence points to a successful test), you can be sure the world political scene has changed. Will North Korea's move embolden the REAL threat to the world, Iran? If the world politic wrings it's hands and takes no real action other than a few sanctions, you can know without a doubt the mullahs and the Tyrant of Tehran will take note of the cowardice and lack of cahunas of the West. Iran has the ideology of it's religion behind it that makes it a greater threat to the world than North Korea. North Korea may at some point use their new found muscle to start something with South Korea or even Japan in some pretext of a "preemptive blow at the war preparations of the United States and it's allies". As bad as that scenario is, it still pales to what will happen when Iran uses their nuclear muscles. When Iran uses their nukes against someone in the future, then Dante's nightmares will come true.


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