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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Icy Rings of Saturn

Besides blogging, one of the pursuits I enjoy is learning about the universe. The marvelous creations of our Lord and the wonderful discoveries a free and democratic society can achieve amazes me. I enjoy reading Space.com a lot. When they avoid editorializing on Creation and simply share the discoveries of science, I can sit sit and smile and simply go, "WOW!"

Check this out... This is a new wispy, icy ring discovered by the Cassini probe currently around Saturn. Enceladus, one of the moon's of Saturn, gushes water and ice from it's southern pole. As Enceladus orbits Saturn, it leaves this trail of icy material, creating and feeding a ring around Saturn. Go read about it here.

That's Enceladus in the middle of the ring. WOW!

Many thanks to Space.com, NASA, JPL and anyone connected to the Cassini project. This is too cool!


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