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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Memories of 9/11

The memories from my childhood of JFK's assassination are still vivid in my mind. I still remember exactly where I was, what I thought, things I was looking at, what I heard and what I was doing precisely at the moment I heard that President Kennedy was dead. I remember the shock I felt, the gasped expression by my third grade teacher, the little girl next to me beginning to cry. I knew, even at eight years old, that my life was somehow different. I, like everyone else at that time, was glued to the TV. Watching everything that unfolded. I saw Oswald shot and can still remember his audible gasp and pained expression. I cried during the President's funeral procession, watching little John John's salute and the caisson mournfully proceeding to JFK's final resting place. Indelible memories and emotions that never fade.

Now multiply that by ten times with 9/11. Others better suited to preserving the memories of 9/11 have written about that day far better than I ever can. When I saw the first image of the gaping hole in the north tower of WTC, I knew that it was not an accident by a small commercial plane. A lone lunatic? A hijacking gone bad? Terrorist? But I could not grasp the depth and scope of what had happened until the second plane hit the south tower. Then the sudden cold realization of the true intent of those that just killed many of my innocent countrymen exploded in my psyche: we were at war. The memories of that day are burned in my mind and it changed the way I look at everything about my life, my faith, my family, my country, and my politics. In many ways, life is now clearer. More sharply focused. Life is short and can be snuffed out in an instant. It has always been that way but certain events and memories in your life seem to define you and are as much a part of you as anything you experience day to day.

So many innocent people died that day. We were attacked by people that will kill all that disagree with them. We were attacked in the name of Islam, no matter what the MSM, libs, Democrats or anyone else says. Never, ever forget.


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