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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Security in Iraq

It is refreshing to hear someone in authority in Iraq speak out against the cut and run mentality of the Democrates, liberals and their cheering squads of MSM. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was at a forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center, a Washington think thank, and offered his assessment of relations with neighboring countries and the American military presence. President Talabani believes the American presence has prevented invasion of Iraq by one of it's neighbors. He also insists that Iraq will not spiral down into a civil war.

"There would be no civil war. We have problems, we have some kind of extremists who are fighting against each other. They are not representing the whole society," he said.

He also defended the US military presence in Iraq.

"The immediate departure of coalition forces would only unleash the terrorists," Talabani said. "I cannot promise when or how the American presence will completely end in Iraq but I can promise that American soldiers do not fight in vain."

Refreshing... Read the whole thing.


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