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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Questions for Ahmadinejad

Chris Bushnell, a reader at Power Line, wrote these questions that "Mike Wallace forgot to ask":
Do you believe in the return of the Hidden Imam, and what does his return mean for the world?

Would Osama Bin Laden be a welcome guest in your country?

Should Muslims living in Western nations be allowed to apply sharia law within their communities, or must they follow the laws of their country?

Do you believe that western countries in regions once occupied by Muslims, Spain for example, should be returned to "the House of Islam"?

You say you love all people. What would your reaction be if one of your daughters married a Jew?

What would be the proper punishment for anyone who drew a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed?

Are Sunni Muslims pure Muslims or do they practise a bastardized version of Islam?

Will the United States of America exist in 10 years time?
The one question Scott at Power Line wishes Wallace would have seen fit to ask, once Wallace was done with his vomit-inducing fawning and prostration before Ahmadinejad:
Do you think that the United States has a legitimate bone to pick with you in connection with your leadership of the student group that took 66 Americans hostage in the American embassy in Tehran in 1979?

Hilarious . . . . Kudos to Power Line.


Blogger the boodge said...

I'm sure if Mike Wallace would have asked those questions he would have had his throat slit by Mr. Ammahnutjob himself! To bad most journalist don't have the guts to ask those questions, they would rather ask question like: why are our troops putting panties on some terrorist's head, humiliating them?

6:21 PM  

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