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Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Steps Up

Judge Alito is a great nominee and will make a great justice on SCOTUS in the vein of Scalia and Thomas. For a brief overview of Judge Alito's qualifications, see Ed Whalen's post at Bench Memo at National Review. Additional information about Alito is available at ConfirmThem's right column and here. I believe the President hit a home run with Alito. He was on my short list of four: Luttig, Janice Rogers Brown, McConnell and Alito. I still think Miers would have been a good justice but I believe a nomination from one the aforementioned list will make a great one. In addition, the President has given the elites on the right what they hoped for in his nomination of Judge Alito.

A great political battle lies ahead as liberals are already in a tizzy. Democrats and liberals are already attacking Alito, the son of an immigrant and a public school teacher. It has nothing to do with Judge Alito's qualifications to be a justice, which are self-evident, but it intrigues me that the left ignores a great American success story in their furious condemnations of Judge Alito. Chuck Schumer has stooped to a new low and said he sees the possibility that as a justice of SCOTUS, Alito would roll back the achievements of Rosa Parks. So Schumer has essentially labeled Alito as a racist. Unbelievable... Why does the left get a pass from MSM when someone like Schumer has the gall to debase the life of Ms. Parks by politicizing her death. It is outrageous and is indicative of the kind of fight that is potentially looming in the Senate during the confirmation process. With a filibuster looking very probable from Democrats in the Senate, will the so-called gang of 14 follow through with their promise of not supporting fillibusters? We may yet see the constitutional option, the "nuclear" option, finally used to to bring some sanity in the Senate. I hope Judge Alito is tough skinned. I look forward to him serving on SCOTUS.


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Those who attack are declaring their "littleness" and turning away from the gift of "grandeur." See Our Holy Inheritance blog:


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