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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Good Choice

Harriet Miers is a good choice to fill the open seat on the Supreme Court. When you understand her personality and realize that the President knows her very well, you will then see she is a solid conservative choice.

There are two reasons why I support the President's choice:

1) Harriet apparently lives a faith that views the scriptures as the authority of God, a fundamentalist. In today's PC world, being called a fundamentalist can be looked at in derision so more people are comfortable with calling Harriet an evangelical. Harriet has been a long-time active member of the Valley View Christian Church in Dallas and this indicates to me she has a profound respect for the writers of the Bible. Her views on life for the most part must reflect her agreement with and acceptance of the scriptures or she would have been too uncomfortable to continue worshipping in a Christian Church. The Christian churches are similar in beliefs to the Churches of Christ, of which I am an elder. Most of the congregations of the the Christian Church are conservative in nature and this encourages me about her world view since she is an active member at Valley View. While this is no guarantee of her judicial viewpoints it perhaps is a positive indication that her views of the social ills that face our country are also seen through her knowledge and understanding of spiritual truths. Most importantly, I think this indicates that she would have a more literal interpretation of the Constitution and not see it as a "living" document the way the left does. I like what Marvin Olasky writes about her in World Magazine's blog.

2) Bush knows Harriet well and trusts her. He has seen her up close in action within the White House and has judged her opinions and beliefs to be in line with his own. She made the transition from one party to another at about the same time her fundamental faith became active. The President has undoubtedly had discussions of her viewpoints with her and deemed them compatible with his own. The first President Bush didn't know David Souter and he got burned because he trusted the advice of others. Conservatives who decry the choice of Harriet Miers are basing their reaction on the past and not on the evidence. This President KNOWS Harriet and I trust President Bush.

We need judges on our courts that take a strict constructionist view of the Constitution and not consider themselves agents of change to impose their view on the public. While the elites on the left would vomit at the notion that a fundamentalist would be a good jurist, I am happy about it and willing to trust President Bush's knowledge of Harriet as a good choice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. I think she would interpret the Constitution in the same manner as she does the Bible, not as a "living" and changing document subject to culture and the whims of those in authority but as the basis and foundation of applying principles that are etched in the hearts and minds of those willing to submit to it's authority. In other words, she would interpret the Constitution as a strict constructionist, a fundamentalist. I believe Bush has thrown a high and tight fastball right under the left's nose.


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