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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Steps Down

The elites did it. Miers withdrew her name from the nomination for SCOTUS. I wish she had not done so but I understand. I hope elite pundits on the right are happy. But somehow I don't think so. Now the left accuses the President of giving into the ideologues of the elite right and Bush will probably now give the elite pundits on the right what they want in his next nomination. I am beginning to believe that our country is governed by elites that couldn't care less about the average American, only the god of their ideologies. I am as conservative as most of the pundits on the right are, if not more so. But I refuse to be ruled by elitists that try to tell me how to think and live. The Constitution gives the President the right to nominate the person he chooses for the SCOTUS. Ms. Miers deserved an up or down vote in the Senate, not to be villified in the press by elitists. Maybe the next nominee will receive better treatment than she did. I doubt it though.


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