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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What Goes Around Comes Around

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of elites on ANY side trying to tell me what to think and do. The chorus of elites on the right that continue to try and weaken Bush's position and decisions when he appoints judicial nominees makes me want to vomit. The elite pundits on the right have now elevated this argument over the appointment of Miers to a point where the debate over her credentials and ability to be an originalist is mute. The elite pundits on the right are now all part of the same problem that grips Washington. I, too, had hoped for an appointee that was based totally on an ability to interpret law when comparing it to the Constitution with no regard to sex, race or anything to do with diversity or quotas. I, too, had wanted an appointee to the SCOTUS that would help reverse the social engineering that has been going by liberals for 40 years. But the President has chosen an appointee that he believes upholds his promise to appoint judges that interpret law and not make law. To see and hear the elite pundits on the right try and force the President to make a change is ludicrous and damages the party. Elites like Rush, Ingram, Wills and others are tearing the base apart and hurting our chances to further establish a long-lasting majority in Federal government. They are blinded by ideology and puffed-up self-serving interests. Who are they to tell me that I am trusting the President in a blind and uninformed manner! Give me a break... I can't tell the difference between them and the elites on the left. Shameful. The President is a focused leader and will not bend to the cacophony of howling by any so-called elite pundits. If we're not careful, conservatives will be seen increasingly by a fickle electorate as unable to govern and will be tossed out just like the liberals.


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