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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Full Circle

We come, at last, full circle to the very reason this blog was created: Dan Blather and Mary Mapes pitiful attempt to force-feed their liberal biased agenda through the faked and forged Air National Guard documents on a supposedly unsuspecting public. Little did they realize that they would be held accountable to their miscreant behavior by we lil' ol' bloggers, the lizardoid pajama mujhadeen.

See Mary Mapes sad description of her version of events when she encountered citizen-based reporting via the bloggers after her ill-fated Blathergate document story on 60 Minutes. She just doesn't get it.

Then go read Blather's smug, self-serving platitudes in an interview with Marvin Kalb at George Washington University. An hysterical comment by Blather shows his deep-rooted ignorance of the new media. He considers himself to be "cutting edge". BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He just doesn't get it.

It amazes me to this day how they refuse to acknowledge that fact and somehow blame the whole uproar over their actions as a sinister right-wing conspiracy. Go read and listen to some of the excerpts of Blather's interview with Kalb at Radioblogger. Prepare to either laugh yourself silly or puke in disgust.

When ordinary citizens take it upon themselves to verify facts and have the tools needed to provide and dissemenate those facts to the rest of society, democracy is served in a way that would make the founders of our great republic proud. Main stream media and the elite left may scream, shout and cry while denegrating bloggers, but it only shows that the dinosaur that is MSM is facing extinction and losing the control they thought they had over the citizens of the greatest country the world has ever seen. The Blathergate fiasco would never have been exposed to the light of truth if not for new media like Hugh Hewitt, Charles Johnson of LGF, Powerline and others like them.


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Right on B0Z!

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