"Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." John 8:32

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Real Deal

Now that I have, according to Hugh Hewitt, come out of my year of retirement, I am discovering just how much the world of bloggers has exploded with talent, both good and bad. I read often this past year from Hugh's site and lgf but very few others. One of the best that I have begun reading is Michael Yon, a military blogger. All I can say is... wow. I am humbled and proud to know that there is someone like him as well as others such as Major K, Thunder 6, the Chaplain at Training for Eternity and many, many others that champion the truth that is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas in a dark, dangerous world. Because of the folks like these typical yet focused and courageous people, we get the truth and news that just a few short years ago was impossible, not only technically but ideologically so. The leftist agenda of the MSM would never have allowed the point of view we now get to be available to the American public. Instead of doom and gloom we now get the truth, tough and difficult at times, but nontheless a true picture of what is going on among the people that put their lives on the line so that I can continue write my silly little blog and live my life in peace. I can write and rant and rave about the left but these men and women write about life and death. I thank God for them and they make me proud. They are the finest that America has to offer. They are the real deal.

Go read this long post on Michael's site. It's long but well worth the read.


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