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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bush May Be Right

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellant post that looks at the postive side of developments in the Middle East. He addresses the incompetent blustering of radical Islam in the face of Israel's move against Hizbollah and pronounces the wisdom of the Bush doctrine and foreign policy in the Middle East.

...it is time to stop the silly slurs that American policy in the Middle East is either in shambles or culpable for the present war. In fact, if we keep our cool, the Bush doctrine is working. Both Afghans and Iraqis each day fight and kill Islamist terrorists; neither was doing so before 9/11. Syria and Iran have never been more isolated; neither was isolated when Bill Clinton praised the “democracy” in Tehran or when an American secretary of State sat on the tarmac in Damascus for hours to pay homage to Syria ’s gangsters. Israel is at last being given an opportunity to unload on jihadists; that was impossible during the Arafat fraud that grew out of the Oslo debacle. Europe is waking up to the dangers of radical Islamism; in the past, it bragged of its aid and arms sales to terrorist governments from the West Bank to Baghdad .
Go read it all.


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