"Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." John 8:32

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dangers of Islam

When I started this blog in September of 2004, it was in response to the extreme media bias I was seeing towards the President in his re-election bid. It made me sick to see the MSM in it's attacks on him. In my opinion, the MSM and the left's attacks on our country during wartime is almost treasonous in nature. They tear down our country to further an agenda of the failed left. Specifically, when Blather and company tried to vilify the President with what has now become known as Rathergate, I created this blog to help address what I saw as incredible bias against conservatives. I was a newbie in blogging but saw the immediate impact by other bloggers like Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs on public opinion as he exposed the fraud perpetrated on the American public through it's fake National Guard documents. With my background in printing and the graphic arts, I was able to immediately duplicate what Charles had done to expose the fraud. I was hooked on blogging and wanted to participate in the growing debate.

Now I find myself focusing more on the threat of Islam to our country. It has been there for many years but only since people like myself have begun to open their eyes to the threat that we can now openly speak of that threat. The MSM and the failed ideology of the left would blind us to the peril of a nuclear armed Islam. They also ignore the fact that we are involved in a religious war, even when Islam declares it to be a religious war. Once again, the failed ideology of the left and it's willing partners of the MSM act almost treasonous by turning a blind eye and giving politically correct lip service to Islam. It's not just jihad that poses a danger to us, but Islam itself. Read the Koran, there is no room for any other way of life in Islam, none. I KNOW that there are moderate Moslems that want nothing more than to live in peace, practice their religion and raise their families. But their voices throughout the world are overwhelmed by the immans, mullahs and Islamic schools. Again, read the Koran. Take it for what it says. The Koran leaves no room for "pluralism" in faith. It's either Islam or death.

War is coming. John 8:32


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