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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Global Cooling...I Mean...Global Warming Will Kill Us All!

People are so ignorant sometimes. As the old proverb goes, "...there is nothing new under the Sun." For over a hundred years pundits of all kinds have been predicting the imminent destruction of mankind by global change. Trouble is, from the late 1800's throuh the mid-1970's, we were all gonna die from an impending ice age. Then all of a suddwn, it was, err..., global warming. Go here to see a sampling of the doom and gloom headlines at the NYT and other places over the last hundred or so years. Cracks me up...

Which is it folks? Ice or fire? People with an ideology to force on people and/or an axe to grind have always been quick to shout "the sky is falling!" Quite honestly, I believe Al Gore and company have gone over the rainbow. WAY over it in fact. Folks, the hubbub is really all about money and control. Power. Fear tactics. The fact is, the only thing that makes any real difference in changing our temperature here on this planet is that big yellow sun ball out there shining brightly. As it fluctuates quite regularly in output, our average temperatures and weather patterns will also change. Simple as that. Don't listen to Toto and company. They're not in Kansas any more.


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