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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Never Forget 9/11

Every few months I search the internet for stories about 9/11 to remind myself of why Islam poisons the minds of so many troubled people. Tina, reader at Little Green Footballs posted her harrowing experience in one of the WTC towers on lgf two years after we were attacked. We Americans tend to forgive and forget very easily. We even harangue ourselves about being politically correct to not hold grudges. But not this time. Not ever. Our struggle is not a political battle. Our struggle is not with a nation or an alliance of nations bent on our destruction. Our struggle is really not even against an ideology. Our battle for survival is against Islam. It really is. Jihadists and ALMOST ALL of the teaching coming from the Islamic schools and immans declare us as infidels and worthy of death. THEY see the struggle as a religious struggle. "Religion of Peace", puhlease.... Don't make me vomit from revulsion. The left and MSM in this country simply further the agenda of jihad. Just read a little of the history of Mohammed and Islam and you understand very quickly what a misbegotten and violent religion Islam is. It was Islam that fostered the teaching and training that forged 19 men into weapons to kill innocent people on 9/11. It was done in the name of Islam.

The last paragraph of Tina's story. Go read the whole thing.

September 11th, 2001 played out on the most watched global stage in history. In all likelihood for those of us that were there or lost a loved one, it will always seem like yesterday. It certainly does not seem like that much time and distance has already passed from that fateful day that changed so many of us and our city, country and world forever as we know it. But, I know that if any nation could bounce back from this, we can, as long as we dont forget what it was like that day, and how important it is to protect what we hold so dear.
Never forget 9/11.


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