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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Halls of Freedom II

The information is pouring in from the new media about the historic voting going on in Iraq. WOW! While there is still a long way to go, I am so proud of the Iraqi people standing up for their future and the opportunity it presents to their families to finally have a say so in their government. The long term ramifications are amazing not only for the future of the Middle East but a wonderful vindication of the foreign policy of George Bush. One day history will call him visionary in his pursuit of democracy as a way to perhaps finally bring peace to a troubled region.

And then again, you have someone like Sen. Joe Biden. A Senator that has been voracious in his criticism of the President and the policies of the administration. Go read the post at Gateway Pundit and see how Ol' Joe is basking in the Iraqi's expressions of freedom. What a hypocrite!

In spite of an unrelenting insurgency, defeatocrats in Congress and a hostile MSM that only wants to report doom and gloom, the Iraqi's have shown, as the people of Afghanistan did, that freedom marches on.

UPDATE 12/15/05 12:08 PM EST: Go to IRAQ THE MODEL and Pajamasmedia for up to the minute reporting from Iraq itself. You won't see this stuff on MSM. If MSM truly reported all of it they would have to admit that President Bush was right all along. BWAHAHAHA!

UPDATE 12/15/05 1:27 PM EST: Go read this at National Review Online, its a great post.

Freedom marches on.


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