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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Iran - The Storm Continues To Gather

About a year ago I told Hugh Hewitt that the real threat in the world very soon will be Iran. The GWOT is very real and is currently centered in Iraq. We have made tremendous strides in planting a real democracy there and allowing the people of Iraq to decide their own futures. Dealing with a nebulous but real network of jihadists bent on destroying us is a daunting task, one that President Bush and our military has performed with honor, in spite of all that MSM and the left has claimed. But kickin' butt against a loose network of jihadists trying to secure WMD's is nothing compared to a nation like Iran that actually builds them. On top of it that nation's stupid president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seems intent on confirming everyone's suspicions and fears about Iran's real intentions to become a nuclear power. Mix in his paranoia when denying the Holocaust, then demanding Europe set up a homeland for Israel in Europe, and you have a real mix for trouble. The storm's a' brewin' folks.

Mark Steyn, in his usual pointed manner, describes the brewing storm well.

There has always been a slightly post-modern quality to sovereignty in the transnational age: We pretend the Syrian foreign minister is no different from the New Zealand foreign minister, and in so doing we vastly inflate the status of the former at the expense of the latter. But with Ahmadinejad we're going way beyond that. If a genocidal fantasist is acceptable in polite society, we'll soon find ourselves dealing with a genocidal realist.

Go read the whole article here.


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