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Friday, October 08, 2004

Who Does Kerry Think He Is?

I was so disgusted listening to Kerry's pompous, elitist, self-serving attitude in his discussion with reporters about the Duelfer report . I disagree with Hugh Hewitt about some of his assessment of Kerry. Kerry is not stupid and merely holding on to a pre 9/11 world view. He is very crafty like a weasel and knows EXACTLY what he is saying. His character and world view is shallow and phony because inside he hates the fact that America CAN go it alone if it has to. He seeks to denigrate Bush and those under his command to create an atmosphere of uncertainty among Americans. Kerry emboldens our enemies by tearing down resolve. He therefore puts our troops into harms way. Everything he says, EVERYTHING, is calculated to do one thing....to somehow beyond belief rise to the top of power in the greatest country on earth. Kerry will jeopardize anyone in his way because this moment is what he has been training for ALL HIS LIFE. In my opinion, his ego and lust for power drives him to lie, say everything out of context, do almost anything to get that power. Kerry comes across as a psychopathic liar by all of the lies he has told. The CIA man's hat, the Cambodia excursions, the 16 point deer, and all the other goof ball, stupid things he says just comes across as weird and wacked out. But worst of all, by giving comfort and aid to our enemy qualifies him in my mind as a traitor of the worst kind. Kerry will get a lot of people killed and turn over a lot of our country's sovereignty to the UN in the name of alliances and diplomacy. He lacks the vision, strength and intestinal fortitude necessary to fight a world war. The real John Kerry finally showed himself at the debate and it scares me to death to think he could be president.


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