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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh, This Terrible Economy!

LOL! Even Al-Reuters has a positive article about the nation's economy. The nation's GDP grew at an annual rate of 5.3% in the first quarter. This is the largest percentage growth in 2 1/2 years. And this happened in spite of Katrina and it's aftermath, the war on terror and the liberation of Iraq, as well as the rising cost of fuel. "How can this be?" the left must be saying while scratching their heads and drinking their fufu coffees. They have pounded and pounded on President Bush about "JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!" Yet the economy is roaring. It seems that lowering taxes, once again, is the tip of the spear for a growing economy. When government does even a little bit to get out of the market's way, the market always finds a way to survive and thrive. It also shows how the market does not live on doom and gloom, much like the rest of the middle of the country. In spite of a fantastic economy, Al-Reuters is true to form when it refers to a slowing economy in the coming months; "The GDP report pointed to another reason for anticipating slower future growth, noting that wages and salaries were under pressure." Ahh, thank you Al-Reuters for bringing us down to earth.


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