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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here Comes the Socialized Medicine Freight Train

Here's a great article about the stupidity of our country's head-long plunge into socialized medicine. Have we not learned the lessons of Canada and Great Britain?

A key excerpt:
Most of us in private practice have given up trying to reason and argue with those who argue for a living. We are simply going to cut back on our hours, downsize our lives, and try to find other outlets for our talents. I admit that this is passive-aggressive in the extreme but it may be the only arrow in our quiver that will have any effect.

Unfortunately for patients, they will learn of their folly too late and there will be many people dying in 2012 who would not have died in 1990. Doctors, already a vanishing breed, will be on the endangered species list soon. Why would one choose to go to medical school now? Dear Mr. President, before you commit us to Universal Care you should ask if we are going to participate. I am not.
Go read the whole thing here.


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thank you for the link. we are going to fight like hell.
yours in Christ,

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