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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cartoons of Mohammed

The hypocrisy of Islamofacists knows no bounds. Images of Mohammed have been depicted for hundreds of years. Many by Muslims themselves. The paper in Denmark posted the satirical cartoons of Mohammed last year. Why has all of the uproar happened in the last couple of weeks? It's politically motivated to further an agenda of racism and hatred by Islamofacists to create a caliphate around the world. People, this is a religious war, even if the MSM and politically correct people will not admit it. The Islamofacists see it as a religious war between civilizations. They will kill, lie and subvert to further their agenda. You can vilify and humiliate anything that resembles Judaism and Christianity but don't you dare speak ill of Mohammed! What hypocrisy! Jesus tells me as a Christian to live peaceably with all men as much as it depends on me. He also said I would suffer persecution and humiliation for His name's sake. It's just gonna happen. I live with it and smile and try to laugh when it happens. But people that don't like Christians have never tried to blow me up or cut my head off...yet.

Go here and see all the various images that Zombietime has assembled. Nice turban Mohammed!


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