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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Myth and Scam of Global Warming

There was a farmer's convention in New Zealand this week and meteorologist Augie Auer had a few things to say about the myth and scam of global warming. Here's the article or go read it at the New Zealand Timaru Herald.
Climate change will be considered a joke in five years time, meteorologist Augie Auer told the annual meeting of Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers in Ashburton this week.

Man's contribution to the greenhouse gases was so small we couldn't change the climate if we tried, he maintained.

"We're all going to survive this. It's all going to be a joke in five years," he said.

A combination of misinterpreted and misguided science, media hype, and political spin had created the current hysteria and it was time to put a stop to it.

"It is time to attack the myth of global warming," he said.

Water vapour was responsible for 95 per cent of the greenhouse effect, an effect which was vital to keep the world warm, he explained.

"If we didn't have the greenhouse effect the planet would be at minus 18 deg C but because we do have the greenhouse effect it is plus 15 deg C, all the time."

The other greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and various others including CFCs, contributed only five per cent of the effect, carbon dioxide being by far the greatest contributor at 3.6 per cent.

However, carbon dioxide as a result of man's activities was only 3.2 per cent of that, hence only 0.12 per cent of the greenhouse gases in total. Human-related methane, nitrogen dioxide and CFCs etc made similarly minuscule contributions to the effect: 0.066, 0.047 and 0.046 per cent respectively.

"That ought to be the end of the argument, there and then," he said.

"We couldn't do it (change the climate) even if we wanted to because water vapour dominates."

Yet the Greens continued to use phrases such as "The planet is groaning under the weight of CO2" and Government policies were about to hit industries such as farming, he warned.

"The Greens are really going to go after you because you put out 49 per cent of the countries emissions. Does anybody ask 49 per cent of what? Does anybody know how small that number is?

"It's become a witch-hunt; a Salem witch-hunt," he said.

A witch-hunt indeed.

I like what JammieWearingFool says about this.
Just think about it. Some morons would prefer we destroy our economy, and for what? So they can preen and talk piously about a moral crisis. Idiots.
Morons and diots indeed.

I also like what NewsBusters has to say about these morons and idiots.
The air continues to seep out of the global warming consensus balloon, ladies and gentlemen.

Auer correctly concluded: "It's become a witch-hunt; a Salem witch-hunt."

Yes it has, Doctor. Unfortunately in this instance, the hunt is more serious because there are a lot more people involved, and the consequences far more dire.
The global warming myth and scam is all about a political agenda based on power and money. It is just another way by those that always want to take from the haves and distribute to the have nots. They would do it by force if possible. Socialism has failed folks, but the politically correct activism of liberals always rears it's ugly head when something comes along that gullible people rush toward to placate their own feelings of inadequacy. Man-made global warming is a myth and a scam.

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